If You Are an Aspiring or Already a Business Owner

To run your own business, it is imperative that you have a vision.

If you don’t already know it, 95% of start-ups fail.

Don’t allow yourself be conned into believing all the B.S. about enjoying millions in passive income while holidaying on the beach just by having an online business, especially if you are a newbie. 

Running a business (including a home business) involves
 managing many different aspects such as sales, customer service, operations, marketing and product creation.  Especially if you are on a tight budget, you will have to wear multiple hats. It is a steep learning curve for most people.

You may also have to wait months before your business generates enough profit
s. There can be unexpected obstacles and problems thrown along the way, even after the initial phases.

Hence, it can become very stressful.

You may be tempted to call it quits when the going gets tough.

However, by having a vision, you are less likely to give up prematurely. Not any vision will do, however. It has to be one that is aligned with your heart and soul. 

Whether you are having an online or offline business, having the inspired picture in your mind helps you keep your dreams alive. You are in a better position to be on track with turning it into reality.

From doing self-discovery cum visioning work, you have the keys to making work, business and in fact, everything about your life a success.  You understand more about yourself and are able to address your fears.

The Life Vision Mastery Program is a step-by-step home-study course that guides you on a self-discovery journey for the purpose of visioning. Try the downloadable course RISK FREE for 60 Days instantly!

It is available as a standard package and a gold package. 

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Dear friend,

Are you having problems making your desire, goal or dream come true?

Cannot seem to attract and manifest the work, relationship, family, and wellness that you want?

Watched "The Secret" movie but have little or no idea about how to apply the Law of Attraction to achieve desired results?

Like dreaming big but cannot imagine how anything extraordinary or miraculous can ever happen to you?

Have had little success with Vision Boards?

Would dearly want to pursue your passion as a full-time business successfully but have no confidence in making your dream a reality?

Or worse.....feeling despondent as you don't even know what your dream or passion is?

Dread your job, want to quit but feeling lost about what to do next?

 Find life totally meaningless?

If you have been nodding yes to any, some or even all of the above questions, then you are obviously experiencing dissatisfaction.

Since you are not happy with how things are, it is easy to understand why you can be in so much pain.

Well, if you want any part of your life to improve – whether it is career/business, relationship, health or family, then it is time to take charge.

Eliminate the stress from struggling, feeling confused, having a lack of inspiration and little belief in yourself.

No longer go round and round aimlessly in circles, bang your head repeatedly against the wall or cry out in tears due to utter frustration, self-pity and misery.

Interested To Get More Effective Results?

To get going on a better way forward, one thing is for sure: you will need to have a vision.

Famous deafblind author, Helen Keller, once pointed out, “The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight, but has no vision.”

And Steven Covey, in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, has also recommended, “Begin with the end in mind.”

Put simply, visioning is about how you would like things to be. It involves having the image of your desired end result as a reference by which you undertake physical actions towards manifesting it.

However, as you will find out later, it is not just any vision that you would want to adopt. You would want to align with one that connects with your heart, through a higher awareness of who you are. You also want to learn about how best you can work together with the laws of the Universe so that you can turn your ideal mental picture to reality more easily and effortlessly.

Just Imagine If You Could...

Live in great abundance;

Attract healthy and loving relationships;

Attract success easily at work;

Magnetize good fortune effortlessly;

Live your soul purpose.

Wouldn't life be wonderful?

The Life Vision Mastery Program is
a home-study course that guides you on a heart-centered journey, for the purpose of self-discovery, visioning and bringing your dreams forward. It is a series of practical journaling-and-visualization exercises that culminates in your making of a vision board.  It offers you the tools to bringing your best life forward. Download the course onto your computer right away!

Standard Package

  • 13 Chapters
  • 15 Life Vision Mastery Worksheets
  • 5 Guided Visualization Audios

Receive the following bonuses when you make an order:

  • Law of Attraction for Abundance eBook
  • 101 Affirmations for Law of Attraction
  • Within You is the Power eBook by Henry Thomas Hamblin

    Price: US$77

Gold Package

  • 13 Chapters
  • 15 Life Vision Mastery Worksheets
  • 5 Guided Visualization Audios

Receive the following bonuses when you make an order:

  • Law of Attraction for Abundance eBook
  • 101 Affirmations for Law of Attraction
  • Within You is the Power eBook by Henry Thomas Hamblin
  • The MasterKey System by Charles F Haanel in Audio eBook 
  • Thought Vibration Audio eBook
  • 6 Expert Interview Audios
  • Home Business Guide eBook

    Price: US$97

Still need to learn more?  Keep reading for more explanations on making your dreams come true with a powerful vision.

Could You Be Your Worst Enemy?

If you are not already living the life of your dreams, then it is very likely that you are putting yourself in the way.

For one, you could constantly be thinking lowly of yourself.

You don’t believe that you can get things done as well as others. 

You have plenty of reasons and excuses why this is so.

You have the belief statement: I am not able to have my dreams because ________________.

It should come as no surprise if your progress is slow from having the self-sabotaging belief.

It can be hard to become successful when your mind is in struggle.

You may not believe this but the Universe is rooting for you to succeed. 

But it is true.

When you focus more on your dream than your doubts, the Universe which is life-enhancing will move in support of you.

In the Life Vision Mastery Program, you will learn about identifying self-sabotaging thoughts you had been having.  Find out about how to release your limiting beliefs. Finally, get to experience greater freedom to pursue your dreams. Become open to receiving immense support from the Universe. 

Taking Charge of Your Mind

The wise sage Buddha said, "The mind is everything. What you think you become."

Now, anyone can dream.

You can dream many possibilities.

However, there is a difference between wishful thinking and visioning. Wishful thinking happens when you do nothing about your dream.  On the other hand, visioning is to actively work on your true desire and turning it into reality. 

Visioning involves taking charge. By taking charge of your mind, you can begin to manifest what you want rather than what you do not want.

Better yet, have a vision or an ideal picture to work towards and watch it unfold before you.

Sounds exciting?

It sure does.

You can learn the inside secrets with the Life Vision Mastery Program.

In my Life Vision Mastery Program, you will get to learn more about:

aligning with heart-centered vision,

leveraging on the Law of Attraction, and

creating powerful vision boards.

I have been holding Visioning Workshops in Singapore.  My workshops are aimed at helping participants gain self-awareness, envisioning their life and aligning with their highest potential. What is wonderful is that I have been receiving great testimonials from those who have attended my classes.

With the vision of helping more people around the world, I have put together the materials as a home-study course, the Life Vision Mastery Program

Read what one workshop participant who also tried the online home study course to say….

Three months ago, I felt I was at my bottom of my life and I needed some answers about my life. Coincidentally, I saw The Vision Board Mastery Workshop. It appealed to me. True enough, I enjoyed the course and I was guided to make a Vision Board easily. Subsequently, I was also given the opportunity to review the materials of the Life Vision Mastery, which is the online version.

As a step-by-step comprehensive guide, the Life Vision Mastery Program facilitates in finding clarity, connecting with authenticity and discovering the self. It offers a detailed explanation on why we need to make a vision board and about how to attract our dreams from chapter to chapter. Most importantly, I learn about being as truthful as possible to myself.

I now understand that I have to actively “work” on turning my dreams into reality. My vision board helps me to focus on what I really want in my life. With planting positive seeds of intent, I am more open minded in terms of learning new things, and seeing goodness in every people that I meet. My vision board helps me to see and feel what my heart truly needs, and also to nurture me into a better and happier person.

And so, for those who prefer to learn more about visioning from the comfort of their own home, I find the home study course a great alternative to attending the physical workshop. I recommend the Life Vision Mastery Program for greater self-awareness and as a way to achieving real success and happiness.

- Rachel Won, Graphics and Web Designer of RW Creations/www.rwcreations.net


Here is a testimonial about the home-study Life Vision Mastery Program that I had received.....

I am absolutely loving the Life Vision Mastery course and feel that I am already so much closer to knowing what my vision looks and feels like. I started it from a place of not knowing where I was going in life. Now I know that I want to see my future self at the end of my years feeling content and at peace and joyful that I worked out what my passion and purpose was. I think you are so brilliant and talented and I wholeheartedly recommend this course! Magic!

The Life Vision Course cropped up at exactly the right time for me. I'm a teacher and I had just attended a 2 day introduction to life coaching event. I'm now using the Life Vision course to see if I want to explore a career move in the area of Youth Impact Coaching.

Long term I'm seeing myself working with girls and young women to help them meet their life goals andin particular raise their confidence so they feel more empowered in their lives. I'm also thinking projects in 3rd world countries!

All this has come from thinking about using my pain and turning it into power - from your course! Also I will create a visionboard for wealth to help me raise the funds to pay for the diploma in Life Coaching. I'm a single Mum and resources are tight but that's another belief I'm working on changing!

The course is high quality and it is certainly having a deep impact on my world!

- Hannah Ida, Manchestor, UK


Align With Your Heart-Centered Vision

Many people have mistaken ideas on what visioning is.  To begin with, visioning is not merely about wishing for material goods. In fact, if your aim is centered solely on manifesting lots of money, you would have missed out on what it means to craft a full life for yourself.

The sacred self-discovery process, entailed in the visioning process, involves authenticity. You need to be honest about your true dreams are. You no longer blindly follow other people's dreams. Instead, you connect with the real desire in your heart. It has to be an internal process whereby you clarify what living your vision looks like to you.

Visioning is about awakening to who you authentically are. You realize how unique you are. Through knowing yourself, you will discover your inner power, one that brings forward your vision when you work together with universal laws. Thus, you are able to align with your highest potential.

Living your heart-centered vision means that you can now live with greater fulfillment, empowerment and freedom.

It is living with love, which leads to happiness.

You love everything that you are, do and have.


If you don’t already know this: nothing happens by chance.  

If you are hoping to lead a life that is integrated with work-life balance, put some conscious thought to it. Should you do nothing, you will just be manifesting your random thoughts. You will be living life with no purpose or direction at all.  In fact, if fear is the thing that occupies your mind, you are more likely to be manifesting fear. And so don’t be surprised if you find yourself living a life filled with negativity.

It seems cliché but it is true: you are the architect of your life. You have the power of free will and free choice. You can choose by the power of your mind. What you focus on expands. 

 The Life Vision Mastery Program facilitates you in visioning exercises that start with self-discovery.  Developing greater awareness from self-discovery allows you to connect with your passion and purpose. You are happier overall because life becomes more meaningful.

Learn How To Leverage On The Law of Attraction Powerfully

To be in less struggle, it is important to understand how the Universe operates.  It is a fact that the Universe exists and operates by vibration. Like everything else, you are also vibrational energy. When your outer circumstances are less than what you desire them to be, there is something within you creating the undesirable circumstances, while at the same time keeping other, more desirable circumstances at bay.

The Law of Attraction is simply “like attracts like”. You attract the events, objects and people that your vibrations are aligned with. You attract based on the vibrational alignment of your thoughts and feelings.

The Law of Attraction is at work all the time. Just like for any other universal laws such as the law of gravity, you cannot avoid it.  Hence, if you are hoping to change your reality, then it helps to gain a greater understanding.

The Life Vision Mastery Program provides you with an understanding about how to better harness the Law of Attraction. Learn more about raising your vibration to attract the things you want in life. 

Vision Board As Key To Visioning

Making a vision board brings about benefits.

To make a vision board, you first need to clarify the picture of your ideal life.  The self-discovery process leads you to becoming more aware of the components of what it is that you want.  You also prioritize contrasting needs to arrive at your true desire to do your board.

If you don’t already know it, making a vision board should never be just a rushed weekend activity.  If you are going to be designing your best life, it is not a case of simply cutting pictures out of a magazine and pasting them onto a board blindly. Neither is it simply about adding music to a bunch of photos in a slide show.  Instead, you need to spend time clarifying your vision and aligning your true self in an authentic process. 

 Through the Life Vision Mastery Program, you can learn about creating an authentic vision board and how to unleash its power. 

There is not much point to doing a vision board if you are not able to use it effectively. A vision board can help you with manifesting what you want. Whether it is relationship, health, wealth or career or overall abundance, you can achieve greater success when you use a your vision board effectively.

And so I have an invitation for you.....

 Who am I

Driven by the dream of assisting people from around the world, I have put together the Life Vision Mastery Program as a home-study course.

Hi, my name is Evelyn Lim. I am the creator of the Life Vision Mastery Program.  I am a certified Neuro-linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, life coach, Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner and Intuitive Consultant.

While developing the Life Vision Mastery program, I came across the following quote by Oprah Winfrey….

The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.”

Thereafter, inspired by nature, I designed Life Vision Mastery in the form of an adventure.  In a series of stops, the program takes participants through exercises that include creative visualization sessions. 

Life Vision Mastery Program

Start from where you are currently in your life and at the end of the journey, align with a heart-centered vision that propels your ideal life forward. 

Results may vary from individual to individual, but so long as you commit to the exercises with commitment and openness, you should gain some clarity into what your vision is and arrive at some inspired actions on what to do next.

By engaging in visioning work, you increase your chances of success exponentially.

Course Coverage

Through the Life Vision Mastery Program, you will learn the following:

Gain Clarity on What Your Vision Is. Start thinking about what it is that you do want.  Do exercises that help you set aside your fears and uncover what your heart desires.

How to Design A Conscious Life.  Learn about aligning with your fullest potential and designing the best life possible for yourself.

How to Release Blocks From Visioning Success. Learn about identifying and remove your resistances and obstructions. Clear the path ahead for visioning success.

Benefits of Visioning. Understand why visioning is an important life planning tool. Not visioning is going about life without an aim or a purpose.  Want to be happy and start manifesting abundance? Start visioning!

Why Most Vision Boards Fail Miserably? Avoid the common mistakes that others make. Learn how to make a Vision Board that works.

The Science behind Vision Boards.  Understand the principles and apply them in your favor!

How to Get Started on Creative Visualization. Be guided in the process. Apply easy ways to purposeful dreaming.

Principles that Underpin Successful Visioning. Increase the power of your attraction with key understandings. 

Learn How to Set Intentions Powerfully!  Understand about how to do intention setting energetically and ACT accordingly!

Get Started on Aligning with Joy.  Start the visioning process with positive vibrations. Caution: Don’t ever do visioning when you are engaged in worry, frustration and anger. 

And Much Much More!

Standard Package

  • 13 Chapters
  • 15 Life Vision Mastery Worksheets
  • 5 Guided Visualization Audios

Receive the following bonuses when you make an order:

  • Law of Attraction for Abundance eBook
  • 101 Affirmations for Law of Attraction
  • Within You is the Power eBook by Henry Thomas Hamblin

    Price: US$77

Gold Package

  • 13 Chapters
  • 15 Life Vision Mastery Worksheets
  • 5 Guided Visualization Audios

Receive the following bonuses when you make an order:

  • Law of Attraction for Abundance eBook
  • 101 Affirmations for Law of Attraction
  • Within You is the Power eBook by Henry Thomas Hamblin
  • The MasterKey System by Charles F Haanel in Audio eBook 
  • Thought Vibration Audio eBook
  • 6 Expert Interview Audios
  • Home Business Guide eBook

    Price: US$97


Creative Visualization Exercises

Visioning incorporates visualization exercises. With visualization, you paint a vivid picture of your ideal dream in your mind. Through reprograming, visualization builds inroads into your subconscious. Now, science has already proven that the mind tends to draw evidence to support the hypothesis it is already having. Hence, through subconscious imprinting of an ideal picture, you magnetize what you need for your reality to turn into reality.

Additionally, because visualization exercises put you in the alpha state, you are better able to gain access to the wise part of yourself for the answers that you seek to questions about your vision. Be aware that the wise part of yourself has all the answers. However, it is very difficult to receive these answers when you are feeling stressed. The alpha state is one of relaxation which helps you calm your mind and alter your brainwave patterns.

In the Life Vision Mastery Program, there are 5 Guided Brainwave Entrainment Visualizations designed to help align with your inner power. In the latest version, the audios are also made with binaural beats, to help stimulate creativity, meditation and inspiration while you are feeling relaxed.
 The 5 audios include:


Latest version: Brainwave Entrainment with Binaural Beats!

Disc 1: Creative Power Alignment – Initiate and Awaken Your Creative Power 



Latest version: Brainwave Entrainment with Binaural Beats!

Disc 2: Gratitude and Appreciation Alignment – Align Vibrationally with Joy


Latest version: Brainwave Entrainment with Binaural Beats!

Disc 3: Energy Cleanse – Cleanse and Rejuvenate Your Energy


Latest version: Brainwave Entrainment with Binaural Beats!

Disc 4: Future Self Alignment – Align with Your Future Self


Latest version: Brainwave Entrainment with Binaural Beats!

Disc 5: Vision Alignment – Align with the Picture of Your Heart-Centered Vision


Benefits from Life Vision Mastery Program

Here are some possible benefits from completing the Life Vision Mastery Program:

Engages your innate creative self;

Helps you with a mental picture of your future self;

Offers insight to your goals and dreams;

Opens your mind to possibilities by activating your imagination;

Invites you to be authentic to your inner desires and passions;

Keeps you focused on your intent on a daily basis;

Helps you change your internal script by using powerful imagery, words and affirmations;

Sustains you while you go through a transition eg. career, moving to a new house, change in marital status, project development.

Reframe your mind with positive affirmations by shifting your limiting beliefs;

Find your path to leading a holistic life;

Connect you spiritually;

Design a fulfilling life;

Shift your vibrations up when you think about your ideal picture.

Helps you create more focus on what you really want and not what you do want.

Helps you learn about leveraging on the Law of Attraction in your favor.

Helps you to actively work towards manifesting successful work around your passion.

Multiplies your chances of success because you are less likely to give up on your dream, become distracted or chase after meaningless pursuits.

Allows you to enjoy the journey even as you work towards your goal or dream.

Makes you come alive whilst you hold on to a vision that connects you with your heart.

Most importantly, helps you to propel your dream forward.

Standard Package

  • 13 Chapters
  • 15 Life Vision Mastery Worksheets
  • 5 Guided Brainwave Entrainment Visualization Audios with Binaural Beats

Receive the following bonuses when you make an order:

  • Law of Attraction for Abundance eBook
  • 101 Affirmations for Law of Attraction
  • Within You is the Power eBook by Henry Thomas Hamblin

    Price: US$77

Gold Package

  • 13 Chapters
  • 15 Life Vision Mastery Worksheets
  • 5 Guided Brainwave Entrainment Visualization Audios with Binaural Beats

Receive the following bonuses when you make an order:

  • Law of Attraction for Abundance eBook
  • 101 Affirmations for Law of Attraction
  • Within You is the Power eBook by Henry Thomas Hamblin
  • The MasterKey System by Charles F Haanel in Audio eBook 
  • Thought Vibration Audio eBook
  • 6 Expert Interview Audios
  • Home Business Guide eBook

    Usual Price: US$97

Enjoy Attractive Bonuses With Your Purchase

The Standard Package includes the following bonuses:

1. Law of Attraction For Abundance eBook

2. 101 Law of Attraction Affirmations eReport

3. Within You is the Power eBook by Henry Thomas Hamblin

The Gold Package Includes the above bonuses 1-3 and the bonuses 4-7 below:

4. Thought Vibration Audio eBook by William W Atkinson

Simply plug in to listen to this classic in an audio ebook about the Power of Thought.

5. The Master Key System by Charles F Haanel in Audio eBook

Charles F Haanel gives lessons on the law of concentration, attraction, & harmonious thinking and action. The book was banned by the Church in 1933 and has been hidden away for decades. You can now listen to this book in an audio MP3.

6. A 130-page Home Business Guide eBook

This guide is useful if you are thinking of a home business.  It covers basic considerations from start-up to running one.  

7. Six Audio Expert Interviews: Learn from Top Personal Development Coaches On Different Aspects of Visioning

Steven Aitchison, Top Personal Development Coach in the U.K.
Topic: How from almost giving up to becoming a top personal development blogger and living a life of passion and purpose.

Angela Artemis
, Intuition Coach and Best-Selling Author
Topic: Learn about living your life purpose by connecting with your intuition and how to distinguish between the voice of your ego and intuition.

Tess Marshall
, Coach and Author
Topic: Shattering fear, journaling, and addressing low self-esteem
to go for your dreams courageously.

Alex Blackwell
, Founding Editor
Topic: How to move past discomfort and say yes to change and envisioning and cultivating healthy relationships.

Melody Fletcher
, Law of Attraction Coach
Topic: Learn more about keeping our vibrations high to attract our dreams via the Law of Attraction and what you can do to attract the romantic partner that you desire.

Fran Sorin
, Creativity Coach, Author, Speaker and CBS Radio News Contributor
Topic: Discover more about what creativity is about, "shake it up" and how to overcome your blocks.



“Life Vision Mastery” is the perfect name for this program. Evelyn’s program is a complete guide to finding, clarifying, and developing your life’s vision. It provides you with a road map not only in creating your vision, but also is how to take aligned action to bring it into reality. 

Her life wheel takes you through the numerous aspects of your overall life and well-being, and gives you the clarity necessary to re-shape your life. She covers issues that tend to occur with personal resistance, and helps you to go past them. She walks you through understanding the difference between just using your mind vs. using your mind along with aligned actions, to create your desired fulfilling life changes.

The course is complete with worksheets and instructions so you can work through the exercises rather than just read about it conceptually.  Her guided visualization audios are GREAT, especially if you tend to have difficulty with visioning since she makes it easy to follow and melt into.

If you’re wanting to make changes in your life, or if you feel you’re not living the life you believe is right for you, I strongly recommend this course!

- Aileen Mahoney, Personal Development Blogger, KaizenVision.com

"I consider July my most favorable month and  usually tend to make some significant  changes in my life during this time.   In a 28-year career, my job switches have always been in July. So, on July 1, infused with special energy, I sat with notepad and pencil to write down my goals and some of the things I hoped to achieve this year.

My next step was to make an action plan. Just then, I checked my email and was thrilled to have the chance to review Evelyn's  Life Vision Mastery Program. I am a believer in vision boards and manifestation and this program turned out to be a step-by-step guide to exactly what I wanted to do to align my mind and efforts towards my goals. There are lots of beautiful examples throughout the program.

One of the phrases that hooked me right away was "live your life forward". Having worked in the sales industry I've always worked with targets and I found this program specifically helpful. Although I am usually well-organized, of late, I have been giving in to work overwhelm and this program helped me get back on track

The guided visualization MP3s are excellent and very soothing.  The best part is anyone can benefit from this. My 14-year old son is already working on  a vision board! The Life Vision Mastery Program as a convenient home study course is a great success map for life, finding our life's purpose and taking control in a positive way. What I love most is how interactive it is, keeping me fully involved and energizing me to take action.  I recommend this highly. Here is the message from this program: Dream big. Plan. Focus. Achieve. Because you can. When we are accountable to ourselves,  success is guaranteed."

- Vidya Sury, Freelance Writer and Professional Blogger, VidyaSury.com 

"The Life Vision Mastery Program is a valuable and exciting course that helps you focus and awaken your authentic self. It helps you to develop greater self-awareness, and to discover your inner power and and embrace your uniqueness. You'll be able to move forward from a heart centered place with your inner vision when working together with universal laws.

The Life Vision Mastery Program can help you live a more authentic, creative, and meaningful life. I highly recommend it." 

- Fran Sorin, Author and Creativity Coach,  AwakeCreate.com

"Evelyn Lim's, "Life Vision Mastery System" rocks. The system really works to guide you from not knowing how to manifest your dreams and desires to learning powerful techniques to bring your dreams to life and to really know yourself in the process. The steps were well thought out and easy to follow and the guided meditations instrumental in unearthing long hidden potential. I highly recommend it~!"

- Angela Artemis, Intuition Coach, PoweredbyIntuition.com


Be The Person That You Have Always Wanted To Be

Don’t be mistaken in believing that there is nothing you can do to turn your life around.

You already have it in you to succeed.

You have the power
to create and enjoy the life you dream of.

You don’t have to struggle unnecessarily.

You c
an be the person you have always dreamed of being.

Once you have learned how to master your mind and about how the Universe works, it is possible to experience a shift right away. You will no longer be whining, complaining or feeling bitter about making little or no progress.

Become empowered as you go through the Life Vision Mastery Program.  Be aligned with your ideal future self.  You will feel more energized, in control and be on your way to enjoying the life you once dreamed of having.

Whether you are hoping for a thriving business, loving relationship, a new home, great health or exciting travels, the Life Vision Mastery Program will help you align with an authentic heart-centered vision for attracting the life that youdesire.   Try the Life Vision Mastery Program for a risk-free 60-day period!

Standard Package

  • 13 Chapters
  • 15 Life Vision Mastery Worksheets
  • 5 Guided Visualization Audios

Receive the following bonuses when you make an order:

  • Law of Attraction for Abundance eBook
  • 101 Affirmations for Law of Attraction
  • Within You is the Power eBook by Henry Thomas Hamblin

    Price: US$77

Gold Package

  • 13 Chapters
  • 15 Life Vision Mastery Worksheets
  • 5 Guided Visualization Audios

Receive the following bonuses when you make an order:

  • Law of Attraction for Abundance eBook
  • 101 Affirmations for Law of Attraction
  • Within You is the Power eBook by Henry Thomas Hamblin
  • The MasterKey System by Charles F Haanel in Audio eBook 
  • Thought Vibration Audio eBook
  • 6 Expert Interview Audios
  • Home Business Guide eBook

    Price: US$97


To Your Visioning Success,

My 60-Day Money Guarantee

I’m pretty sure that the information contained within my program will be helpful for your inward journey. If you apply the tips contained in it, chances are that you would understand more about creating a life of abundance.

However, if you feel that my program has not benefited you in any way, simply ask for a refund. Clickbank is the company that handles all the transactions for this book. Should you need a refund, simply contact them at their website www.clickbank.com and provide your transaction details. No questions will be asked. Hence, there is virtually no risk to you.


P.S. The Life Vision Mastery Program is available as an instant download.  You can go through the materials in the comfort of your own home.  Download the materials directly onto your computer. Try the Standard Package for a RISK-FREE 60-day period now!  Or better yet, try the Gold Package for a RISK-FREE 60-day period now!

P.S.S. The Life Vision Mastery Program is priced at less than the cost of a weekend retreat.  Many weekend visioning retreats can charge thousands of dollars. The value you can possibly derive from this course for having improved your life, increased your chance of success and/or having your dream come true will be priceless. You won't be able to find another program quite like this one anywhere. Click over here for the Gold Package now!

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